I've had my toneport gx for about 6 months now, and for the past 2 months it's not been working properly. Whenever I plug it in it either works for about a minute and then dies, or just fails to work on plugging it in. I've tried updating the drivers, putting the new podfarm on which sounded amazing for the minute it worked, uninstalling and then reinstalling all the programs and drivers but to no avail...

Anybody else had any problems with line6 stuff on their computer? I'm using a Dell Vista Business-powered laptop if that makes a difference...
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Yeah that's gotta be the next port of call, can't find one with the correct end for the toneport lying around my house though
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Also, if it's not the cable... What did you do just prior to it not working? Sometimes, a totally unrelated program can cause sever wonkyness with another unrelated program. I'd also make sure your BIOS is updated. Use your Service Tag to find updated drivers on Dell.com. Also check that your operating system is updated from Microsoft. That could also be the problem. I've seen Microsoft updates cause unexpected issues. Lastly, verify that you have the latest drivers and software from the manufacturer of the Toneport.
I didn't do anything specific prior to it not working, as far as I remember it was actually more of a gradual decline rather than it just stopping working. It used to sometimes just cut out and the real place where it stopped working was one day when I was using headphones with Guitar Rig and the toneport and it just let out this god-almighty horrible angry noise that made me just unplug it and after that it's never worked properly.

Service tag?

And yeah i've checked the drivers and software from line6 issue, i've got all the latest ones and stuff so that's out of the equation.
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Most of the suggestions so far are things I would have said too. Have you had the same laptop/Vista all this time or is that new to the equation. My experience with Vista so far is that not all of the manufacturers keep up with the developing (especially with Vista) so it might be a waiting game until a refreshed driver comes out.

I would maybe hit up a Line 6 BB and see if this is happening to others with same set up. Sometimes it takes several angry emails to a manufacturer demanding an updated driver to get things going. There might be talk of it over in R&R too.

I'm curious because I have Vista and want the Toneport (Pod Sudio) too.
Yeah i've always had the same laptop with Vista. Obviously it's weird 'cos it worked originally but now no more.
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Guess what?

it was the usb cable ¬__¬

Still, spose that's reassuring. I downloaded POD Farm, it sounds totally awesome. We're talking perfect for bedroom practice IMO. Every bit as good as Guitar Rig and maybe even better because of the recording ease.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.