Right now i have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom in mint condition and someone told me they wanted to buy it for $500 (US). Well I already have $400 dollars in my Buy a Jackson Dk2m fund right now. My only drawback to selling the Les Paul is that when i do get the Jackson and i want to change tunings or whatever its going to be a chore with the floyd rose. Shold I keep the Les Paul so I can play whatever tuning I want quickly or should I sell? Or is changing tunings on the Floyd Rose even that hard and time wasting. ( ive only heard It was from a few people. Thanks.
Keep it. Only $200 short pretty much.
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Think about it for a longer period. You can also just save up for the Jackson, and buy it as an additional guitar
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Definately keep it. You could prolly scrape up another $200 in about two months, then you'll have two good guitars! O=
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