Ok - im gonna be studying in america next year at one of 4 uni's, and the question has come up - what am i going to do with my guitars? So what would you do - would you take a guitar with you, or would you buy one out there and then sell it at the end of the year?

plus points for taking them are
i already know i like it
i dont have to spend any more money on buying one
i dont need to go looking for one
i wont end up buying the first one i see so that i have a guitar to play (i start getting quite stressed if i havent played guitar for a little more than a day, so if i get there after having travelled lots of hours, and cant sit down with my guitar im likely to be in a really foul mood till i get hold of one)
if i buy one, i might not get my money back on it at the end of the year, or worse, not manage to sell it at al.

minus points
it could get broken on the flight
it could get sent somewhere different to me
if i see an american made guitar that has a reasonable price tag (english tax makes US guitars very expensive) i may end up buying it - and how am i going to get 2 guitars back?
theyre going to charge me to take it because its extra space
depending on where i go i could be on a long train and bus ride from the airport - i dont know that i want to be dragging a guitar, suitcase, handluggage and anything else i aquire through cramped buses and trainstations. especially since i'll have to keep an eye on my stuff.

now im leaning towards the idea that i might just buy one out there and sell it at the end of the year, but obviously this has isues as well - so my question is - what would you do?
Well I'd say take it, you'll have money for other stuff that way. But do read up on transporting guitar on an airplane.
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i should mention - im only going to be studying in america for 12 months, its not a permenant thing.

Doesn't matter.
do you have a hard case?
Whats the longest word?

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because theres a mile between the two s's!

depends, where are you going and how much would you want to spend on a guitar?
i have a hard case for some of my guitars - but the one that i'd take doesn't. all the ones that do are strangely shaped v's and things so the cases are pretty big and it'd be really awkward to take it.

the places that i go probably would change things - some are closer to airports for a start.

im likely to be going to either roosevelt u, indiana university of pennsylvania or the central michigan university.
take the guitar as a carry on. but call ahead to the airport to make sure they'll let you. and buy a hard case. thats very important.
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i dont much like hard cases - ive got a few, but to be honest there just ungainly and in most cases i dont believe in their ability to protect it any better than a well padded soft case. its different with metal reinforced flight cases and things, but normal hardcases - what are they made out of? some sort of mdf and leatherette?