Looking for a cheap second guitar and was juggling around the idea of getting an epi. lp junior and putting a P-94 pickup in it, amybe a diffrent pickup. Any thughts on this idea?
I've got the epi junior, and I love it. But mines an 03 I believe, and I've heard the quality has gone down hill consistantly ever year, so just keep that in mind.
If you're gonna get one, i suggest ripping out the pots and tuners too, the tuners are pretty weak, and if your already doin the pup ya might as well do the whole deal, thats what I'm doin soon as I get the cash. I havent decided between the P-94 and the Phat Cat tho...
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i have one which i use for slide, i was going to put a P94 in mine, until i realised that it sounds pretty good for slide guitar already, even with the crappy, muddy, piece of crap stock humbucker.

they are made of plywood, have dodgy tuners and electronics, but they are actually pretty good if you can find yourself a diamond in the rough.
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