In "Impulse" by An Endless Sporadic, they have a trippy-kind of section, that starts at 2:10 and ends around 2:25. It's a very wavy watery sound, but I have no idea what they're doing to make that sound. I'm pretty sure Slipknot also uses a similar effect in their song "Disasterpiece" and a few others but it's just faster. Anyone know what this effect is? Thanks a lot.
All I hear is some funky delay/reverb and wah
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a wah, and a phaser maybe, and an auto vibrato
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Hm, alright thanks guys. I wasn't sure if maybe it was a tremolo or something. Not stopping the sound completely but just wavering it alot. But auto vibrato would make sense too. Would this be the same concept as the very beginning guitar part Mick from Slipknot does in Disasterpiece? It's kinda different though so I dunno. If anyone's heard the song before or would like to look it up on YouTube and can figure this out, I'd greatly appreciate it. (It's right in the beginning, the only guitar part and there's nothing else going on.)