Im looking at getting the parts to re-do the insides of my old squire p-bass and have a couple of questions.

1) What should the value of the capcitor be? I think its meant to be 0.05, but if I went for 0.047 would it make much diffrence?
2) With pots are there diffrent types for tone and voulme? On some websites Ive seen them seperated but on others not. I know they have to be 250k, or at least I think I know that, if im wrong please stop me!
3) How effective is shielding the insides with foil? Am I gonnabe wasting my time doing this, or will it make a noticable diffrence?

Im going for cheap parts anyway, so if I make a mistake its not gonna be an expensive one! Thanks for any help.
1. .047 is normal, or .22 if you want to go noticably brighter.
2. There are linear and log pots, log are always used for volume and you usually use log (also called "audio taper" for both volume and tone, so do that.
3. If you're having problems with hum, it will reduce that hum if done properly. If it's not a problem in the first place, you're not going to notice an improvement. It doesn't take much time anyway, so I say do it.
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hmm, maybe should be in GB & C?? they'll know more about it.

hears my pishy answers, take them with a pinch of salt:
1) smaller cap values will give you a more trebly sound, but the difference in yours should be unnoticable - make sure however that you have the right type of capacitor -> electrolytic ones etc. won't work. I've neard other people saying the brand can make a little difference too - did you buy it from a guitar shop? also be careful of factors ( micro farads, pico farads etc) it's easy to confuse them.

2)volume pots are logarithmic, it's hard to explain but basically, you know how we measure loudness in decibels? - each increase of 10 decibels sounds to us like twice the volume, your pot is built to compensate for this; so if you turn a logarithmic pot to mid-way you won't get "125k" on both sides.
tone pots are normally linear (if you turn a linear pot to mid way you will get "125k" on both sides) but you can use a logarithmic one if your stuck. a linear pot will function as a volume knob, it just means it'll be hard to set it half-way between full volume and mute.

3) can't help you here, although I plan to do it to my bass soon I could let you know how it goes ?
Ooops sorry if I put this in the wrong forum.

I have had problems with hum on the bass, thats part of the reason im changing the wires and such. I think Ill shield it, shouldnt really take long and could be worth it. jimRH7 if you could let me know how your shielding goes that would be awesome, as im not gonna be able to get round to it for a bit.

The capcitors are from a guitar website so I assume that there the right kind. And I think I get what pots I need now, should of really paid attention to all this when I was at school

Thanks for the help!
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cool, I might be a while yet I still have to get parts together and stuff. plus I won't have much free time now that terms started.