I'm really lost in the topics for the bass music theory of Chords and Chord construction. I may have lost it somewhere in the topic, but I totally did not catch what Fifths Sevenths and ninths are!

Can anyone explain them to me, or tell me where there is a topic where they explain it? Thanks in advance.
A chord has the root, 3rd,5th, and often the 7th. A C major scale for rxample, the root is C, the third is E, the fifth is G, the 7th is B.

Different chords have different notes, for example, C mixolydian (C7), has a B flat (the seventh is flatted).

The ninth is the second really, but an octave up.

Depending on whether a chord is major, minor, diminished, augmented, and so on, there will be a different interval of whole and semi tones between the root and the other degrees.

But yeah, check out that guy's interval lesson, it probably goes into good depth.
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If I knew the proper way to find what they are, then I would have no problem making chords. The only problem is that I don't understand them. This one is in the actual lessons, to my surprise.
Say we're in C Major. The notes are: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and C. The fifth of C is the fifth degree of that scale. So we count, C (1), D (2), E (3), F (4), G (5). So G is the fifth of C. In a triad, you have the Tonic note (the root of the scale), a 3rd, and a 5th. So a C Major triad is C, E, G (That's extremely basic and you could have as many C's, E's, and G's as you want in any order; those are inversions). A seventh chord is any triad with the seventh degree of the scale added. So take our C Major triad and add the seventh degree of C Major. Either count to the seventh degree or, in this case, just go back one. We get B. So we add B, the seventh, onto our triad. And ninths are just seconds, but an octave up. You really just need to know your intervals.
So I add an extra note, or do I replace the 5th with the 7th? I'm not looking at that topic anymore. I'll read all about intervals soon enough. Too much for me to read in one day.
Thaaaaank yoooooooou. Sorry, I know you guys don't like dealing with Noobs such as myself. But you guys do indeed help. I owe you guys one.