Hey, im writing a song for my friends birthday as her present and i decided to make it about soup, all the music is written but im having a little trouble with amusing soup related rhymes.
this is what i have so far:

Soup is the bestest, it is your friend
There are so many kinds the list never ends
You can buy it in tins and it costs not lots
Or put your back into it and cook your own pot

Soup, oh soup, soup, oh soup, soup, oh soup...

Soup is ace I think we all agree
Its soup-er
Doesn’t matter if your vegi or you like meat a plenty
Its soup-er

i know its not proper sentences but the first chorus will make sense to her.
its just a second chorus i need a bit of help with.
its in 4/4 at 100bmp if that helps

would be ace if anyone can think of a rhyme i could use.
ill be posting the song on youtube and you'll be credited

many thanks too anyone who reads this
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Soup is king, though it may be odd,
it is proof that there is a god.

use that. thats awesome.
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If its a punk song, yell "Soup is mother****ing awesome!" at the end.
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