I currently use the Line6 Toneport UX1 for my PC recording troubles.

However just recently I lost the disk for my Gearbox program.

Before downloading this online, are there any betters ones out there? Or should I just stick to the Gearbox...

Any ideas would be great thanks
Loads of better ones, but you'll need to shell out for most of them.

I highly recommend Revalver III, which is now distributed by Peavey. It's by far the best sounding modeller out there, and the demo is virtually unlimited - just a tiny little hissing noise every few minutes, and you can't save your own patches. It's more than enough for practice though, and lightyears ahead of Gearbox sonically.
get amplitube, guitar rig 3, revalver mk. III, POD farm (the new gearbox basically, its a lot better), or something like that

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