I hear people sayin' that the Amp is 90% of a guitar's tone. So would it be correct to say it's better to learn with a ****ter amp? So you can notice your mistakes easier etc?

Or is getting a better amp more beneficial? Giving you a whiff of that tone you so much desire, and the path towards it..?

Oh, and im looking for a new amp. Currently have a VoxAd30VT. Looking for something to give me a better metal/rock like tone for my Les Paul Epiphone stdrd.
I hear peavey's are pretty good? With my VoX being a combi amp thing, i don't rly know much about valves, or amps :P Dont wanna spend more than 500pounds sterling for the amp really.
Why would it be better to learn with a certain amp?
I think the best way to learn is to play with a clean tone, or unplugged, as excessive distortion can cover up small mistakes, whereas clean, every note has to be perfect and well articulated.

The amp doesn't matter in that case.
I have a Line 6 Spider II 112, its good for beginners! After a while id recommend tube-amps, cuz theyre more compatible with pedals and stuff. So why dont you take a look at that?

On my profile I got music which I made with that amp (Line 6), listen and tell me what you think!
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I would recommend a Peavey classic 30. It's a good tube amp, good sound, not super heavy. And it should be around 395 pounds sterling. According to my currency calculator.
I dont think tone has an impact upon how u like notice ur mistakes.

What i mean is if u get a really good amp, it wont exactly mask any mistakes u make with a badass tone. So id say that getting a good amp is beneficial in every and any circumstance.

I can't really help u with the new amp thing cos ive not had a look about the market for them at the mo

Oh yeah, ive got the same amp as u
Hmm yeh, you guys are probably right.

Sashki: I guess i thought that because of just some of the small things about guitar playing that can make a big difference. Like the length of notes, the vibrato you give to that note. So maybe a better amp would give you a more rewards for your careful playing?

It's like if a beginner got an amazing amp with his first guitar, when he plays well, he knows it because of the amp and how good it sounds. But if he had a worse amp, he wouldnt get to hear his vibrato work as well.

Maybe im just a bit high?

BugrahanGedik - I'll check out your profile mate thanks

Mdawg: I'll have to try it out if i can find that in a store. thanks.

Mikeyp90: Then you have the same problem as me xD I've been having trouble finding an upgrade for my VoX! It's such a nice amp, and perfect for me really :<
lol yeah its a pretty sweet amp

but yeah i understand u might want some more badassery out that badboy id help u if i could but as i said im not too clued in on new good amps at the mo lol
I started off with a really bad amp and I wouldn't say it really helped me with my playing, all it did was make me appreciate my newer amps sound more. If you know your going to stick at guitar, all a bad amp is going to do is make you less motivated to play due to a crappy tone.
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