The guitar playing on both tracks is pretty solid. Very well played. I had a hard time hearing the vocals and I think you need to turn them up a bit. I'm guessing that since it says "live" in the titles of the songs that you guys recorded everything at once. Are you micing everything individually or are you using one mic? What exactly is your recording setup? If you're recording everything with it's own mic, you should turn the vocals up a little and maybe pan the first guitar a little to the left and the second to the right and leave the vocals in the center. It'll give you a more open and spaced out sound. If you're using one mic, I strongly suggest recording one track at a time as it's very hard to get the levels of everything just right . You could try playing softer or maybe even without a pick if you're using one as that will soften the sound quite a bit. But overall, some nice tunes. From what I heard of the singer's voice, it kind of reminded me of that guy from Good Charlotte, but less nasaly (which is good!). Hope to hear more soon. Rock On...

We were at an open mic that got snowed out so the host nice enough to offer to record them for us on his laptop while we played. So it was all recorded at once, but we just got an audio interface and we're going to start doing seperate tracks.

We put a new one up we did with our home recording set up, but it's still one track. The vocals are alot louder though-- "It's Clear"
Thanks for the comment dude

Fady Away - Guitar was good, but I'm not sure if I like the vocal style, was kinda hard to hear but from what I heard, it sounds like you need to sing a little more from your stomach. To be honest, nothing from the song stuck with me when it ended. But the part where it goes '..just fade away' was good, not completely "catchy" though.

Lack of Sleep - The intro for this song was good, I liked it. The double vocals was great and made the song stand out more than Fade Away. The melody was a little better in this song, and 'I can't sleep' could be considered slightly catchy so that's good. Overall, I liked this song much more, good job.