Guitar: Epiphone LP standard with stock pickups
Amp: Bugera 333-212

To my ears it sounds like I'm getting a pretty good tone out of my amp as it is. I've read in a few places that the stock pups in the Epiphone aren't that good, but I've also read pups don't have a huge impact on your tone and they should be considered last to upgrade. Anyways, I have no need to upgrade either my guitar or amp because I like them both the way they are, and I'm wondering if I should upgrade my pups. Is it worth it?

I play metal and heavy metal. A lot of Fast riffing in standard E, but I'm constantly practicing to be a better lead player. I'm not sure I'd like to sacrifice my cleans for the EMG 81/85 (or 60) combo, but then again, I believe Kirk and James Hetfield use that combo and I like their cleans. Suggestions of whether I should upgrade and what I should upgrade to?
Well are you satisfied with your tone or do you just like it but not find it too suitable for you?

If you are satisfied with it then you have answered your own question

If you are not then I'd go for Bare Knuckle Pickups

EMGs have a very processed sound, so if you're going to be playing clean stuff I'd avoid them, unless you want to sound like Metallica, in which case they're the only real option
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EMGs aren't *that* bad for cleans, but a good set of passives is always better. If you can afford them, bare knuckles might be the way to go, although they're a bit overhyped here.


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I personally like Dimarzio Tone Zone, Super Distortion, and air norton (especially in the neck)
But you might want to try some nice Seymour-Duncans (don't own any but tried 'em and they are alright)
Edit: DON"T GET EMGs, Why would you ever sacrifice your cleans?!!!
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