I tried calling verizon for this, but all they had was automated crap, and i couldnt find a number where i could actually talk to a person.


I got a call last night from my friend from australia. and i was nervous and hesitant to pick up, which i ended up doing, and she told me not to worry, because since im receiving the call, it doesnt cost me anything. i was still a little skeptical, because its australia, the land down under, on the other side of the planet.

But because it was well after 9, friday night/saturday morning (free nights and weekends), does it cost me, even though i didnt call her, she called me?

So here it is in a nutshell:
- Got a call from my australian friend at approximately 1:56 am est
- Talked for 3 minutes, 28 seconds while i quickly looked up receiving international calls, which i had pretty much no luck with
- She says it doesnt cost me anything because she called me, she even called her provider and they said it wouldnt cost anything to me either
- I dont have an international calling plan

Is this gonna cost me ****loads of money, even though it was on free nights and weekends/is long distance a factor?
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don't know. i assumed that free times were basically all inclusive

EDIT: if it was only a few minutes, it would probably only cost a few dollars even if it wasn't free
put a tl;dr in it and then you can aspect some decent answers
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