This thread is for the discussion of the album Risk by Megadeth. It's probably their most criticized and un-metal album. Personally I think it's a solid album. It was Marty Friedman's idea to go that direction and even though it's entirely ditching their genre I think it turned out pretty good.

Please don't compare this to St. Anger.
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Risk had some good songs. Wanderlust is amazing, my favorite from that CD. Ectasy was good. Time : The Beginning. But other than those = meh. I didnt like Crush-em at all.

But we can safely blame Risk on Marty. Thats what happened when Dave opened up Megadeth to someone besides himself. Thats all fine and dandy but he had to choose a J-pop fanboy, and thats what we get, Risk.

But you can't blame someone for wanting to try something different. This mainstream trend started with Cryptic Writings, which I thought was awesome. But they took it way too far with Risk, and it wound up being a fail.
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Yeah I agree. Wanderlust was definitely my favorite song, it had a kind of Wanted Dead of Alive by Bon Jovi kinda sound. It is a shame that such a talented player such as Marty had to leave Megadeth because Dave wanted to go back to metal. If Marty wasn't that interested in playing metal why the hell did he join Megadeth?
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Goddamn this cursed iron fist. When I lose control!

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Personally, I like Diplomacy better...

Oh, wait....

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Wanderlust and Time:The beginning are the stand-outs of the album,and very well done songs (not megadeth songs at all,but great songs regardless)

The Doctors Calling,Ecstasy,and Breadline are also decent album filler,The first having a pretty infectious riff,the second being HELLA catchy,and Breadline being cliche AOR filler (but hey, we all need alittle AOR classic rock)

Prince of Darkness kept it heavy,with the rest of the songs being extremely bad.

(seven? but ehhh)
This is actually one of my favourite records of all time from any band. Please don't hurt me.

Often people say Risk is a simple, "radio rock" (whatever the f*ck that means) record with simplistic and empty tracks. And what it was to be was a simple, easy to swallow record that anyone could just pick up and listen to and connect immediately with.

This is not the case.

Although people have tried to classify it as a Nickleback or Creed clone album, that's really a poor and unfair comparison. If you can find me ANY song that sounds anything like Breadline, then get back to me. In fact, Risk is one of those records that you reeeaaally have to listen to a lot to "get it". And trust me, you will, and it may even grow on you. I know of quite a few people who just listened to Risk, even though they didn't like it just because it was something to listen to, then suddenly they found themselves loving it. Personally, I actually really liked it to begin with, but that could be because I already like pop music (not all of it is pop, but I'll Be There and Ecstasy are definitely what I'd call pop).

If you want to challenge yourself, give Risk a few listens (if you don't like it), no matter how much you may dislike it, it won't kill you. And eventually, you may find yourself interesting in a very unique, diverse, and brilliant record that sounds like nothing else on the planet.