OK, so I have a Roland Cube 60 and even when I'm pushing the gain all the way up on the rectifier model, I'm still desiring a little more punch to my sound. Right now I'm using a Boss Metal Zone to boost it, but it adds a bunch of dry fuzz if I push it too much. I was wondering if going with a tube overdrive pedal like the TS9 to boost the Cube's distortion would help me get the tighter, more saturated sound I want (to play thrash/death metal/metalcore). Would the tube overdrive sound good with the solid state distortion (I know it's not going to be as good as if it were a tube amp), or am I better off getting a solid state overdrive pedal? Any suggestions for pedals would be welcomed.
The TS9 isn't a tube pedal. Tube pedals are hella expensive.

Getting an OD might help tighten the sound, but I don't think the TS9 is what you're looking for.
The Tube Screamer isn't really the ideal pedal for the job, it's popular because it adds a fair bit of drive without removing too much character from your guitar/amp.

The reason you don't like your sound is mostly to do with the speaker, I'd bet.
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The TS9 isn't a tube pedal. Tube pedals are hella expensive

Haha, just goes to show how much of a noob with gear I am.
you probably need to use less gain than more. im not suprised that with the gain all the way up AND a metal zone boosting the amp, your not satisfied with your sound.

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od doesnt work great with ss amps
get an eq pedal or a boost pedal maybe?
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