I bought a Ibanez WH-10 off ebay about 2 weeks ago. It got here a couple days ago and when I received it I played with it for about an hour and it sounded great. After an hour a loud popping noise started coming through the amp whenever I moved the pedal from the toe down position up to the heel down position. So I sprayed some WD-40 on the connection bar to the pot because it wasn't moving very well. That didn't work so I assumed the pot was broken. So I contacted the seller and he said try using electrical cleaner on the pot. So I took apart the wah and tried spraying some cleaner onto the pot. After that there was no popping but the wah no longer has any sweep. The only thing I did was use the WD-40 and the cleaner, and de-solder the LED and 2 wires from the switch to get the circuit board out. The wah still turns on and the LED still works so that can't have anything to do with it. Anyone have any guesses whats wrong or any suggestions?
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you wd-40'd the pot?
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No, the connection bar between the pot and the foot pedal because it didn't move smoothly.
re-solder those wires
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Yeah they were made ****ty but sounded great for the hour that it worked and I really want to fix it but dunno whats wrong.
The parts that I de-soldered work though, the LED works and the switch still turns the pedal on.