Ok, so the local GC didn't have either one in stock, though they did have an Acoustic AG15 that I tried. It sounded decent, though it's only 15 watts compared to the 30 watts of the AG 30. It looks like the AG 30 is basically an AG 15 with a more power as well as digital effects. I really wanted to compare the sound and digital effects of the two amps before buying one or the other, but I'm probably going to just order one.

So, any suggestions on which one to order?
Kustom KAA30.

Try and find one used somewhere. INCREDIBLE acoustic amps. I love mine.

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I'm very partial to Kustoms since i own one. although i hear very good things about Acoustic. especially their bass amps. (for starter bass amps at least.)
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Laney makes a really good acoustic amp. I'm not sure what the price on it is though.

There's an electronics for acoustics thread in A&C. There isn't a whole lot in there, but there is a little bit of useful information. I'd check it out!
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