Looks pretty legit to me too..but I would neverpay 239,000 for a Les Paul...maybe if your a guitar connosuier (I doubt I spelt that right)
"authenticated by well known expert" lol

yeah....no guitar is worth 240k unless it gives you the powers of satan and makes your dick longer

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yea, it looks like a real vintage model but i still would never pay that much. I would pay no more than 10 grand for that, only if i had 10 grand to blow
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Theyre actually worth a lot but anyone who knows his **** would post multiple pictures of a guitar like that.
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Allegedly it is a magic guitar.

I'd pay $239,000.00 for a magic guitar.
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Quote by chewablemoo
ebay is actually just garbage now

Ebay isn't garbage. That statement is garbage! You have to be cautious when bidding, but if you are a semi-intelligent person you should be fine. The 59' Les Paul listed doesn't look legitimate to me. It could be, but I wouldn't place a $230,000 bid when the seller has no sales or purchases and a limited item description. If you were selling a guitar that valuable wouldn't you want to tell potential buyers about it? That is most likely a scam. Be smart people.
yea i dont know how anyone can say this looks legit it has a one sentence description and only one picture with two random guys holding it. ebay feedback also 0. i'm going to go with a no on this one.
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you would have to sell your house and kids to bid on it anyway
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I guess that explains why a '59 les paul would be selling for so cheap...
so you guys would pay over $200,000 to someone with NO FEEDBACK WHATSOEVER?

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*looks at price*
*looks at company*
*looks at price*
*looks at company*.....

*looks at price*

Yea it looks weird, but not unusual for gibson...
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The last '59 LP went for $400,000 so he's hoping on cashing in. Personally I don't see the point in spending that much on a guitar but to each their own. Pretty big auction considering its the guys first and he's got one lousy picture and description.
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I would never pay that much for a guitar, you can get a blooming house for that haha. Plus i think Gibson's are well over rated anyway tbh.
seems like the price is fake...but then again it is a gibson
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Could be some obvious kind of will-probably-never-work scam (if you're getting a guitar like that you're probably picking it up and bringing an expert with you) or it's just a guy who doesn't have a clue about how to sell stuff. I don't think he'd cut it as a car salesman

"here is a picture of a twelve year-old Ford Sierra, please buy it and I will send it to you by UPS" - and that from a guy who doesn't work in a car-sales company or anything

now who'd ever ever ever buy that?
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I still have no idea what the **** that means.
Quote by satchgear
I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
Can't be real. The top is plain maple, all Standards made under the 1959 design had a flame maple top. The tuners are the wrong kind too and the truss rod cover shouldn't have a white middle layer on it either.

At best, it could be an early 1958 Les Paul that someone changed the tuners' buttons on. But then that wouldn't be worth even half the price they're asking, and if it had been verified by any kind of professional then that would have been spotted right off the bat.
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