Hello all, I've recently bought the Boss DS-1 and CH-1 pedals to use with my yamaha rgx 721 guitar and marshall 15 watt amp. Everything was ok the first days of use, the pedals were chain-connected (each one has it's own 9v battery) but one day they started giving weak signal. The check light became weak in both, the sound became dirty and very low and I replaced both batteries... Didn't work. I guess the pedals have a non battery related problem, but I thought it would be a big coincidence to buy 2 malfunctional pedals... Anyone knows anything about Boss pedals and can tell me whats happening with mine?

Thanks a lot, and waiting for an answer,
Sebastiao Burnay.
+1 to the power supply idea.

Also, if you think you're pedals are whacked out try them with new batteries/power supply one at a time and then add in the rest one a time.
The batteries have run low, buy a power supply for each one. It's that simple.

Alternatively you could of course replace the battery, but buying new batteries all the time (using rechargable batteries is risky, it can cause fatal problems for the pedals) ends up being much more expensive than getting a cheap mains adapter.

Also if you do ever use them powered by battery again, remember to unplug them completely when they're not being used. If you leave a pedal plugged in to your amp and guitar, it will keep draining the battery even if the pedal is clicked off, the amp is turned off and the guitar is just being left on a stand doing nothing.
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