alright has anyone here ever seen that show like Celebrity Rehab? well in the 2nd season Steven Adler is on the show (hopefully he gets clean! Best wishes Steven!) But anyway at the like "graduation" thing like where they have to stand up in front and talk and what not I saw Steven Adler wearing these red tightish jeans! Does anyone have any idea what they are like brand or whatever? I want them! If you would can you like try and find them online or something I am looking currently but to no avail. please hep me out! and does anyone have any idea what brand aviators Slash wears? greatly appreciated? haha. But anyway thats it please help me out! Thanks! (and please no flaming me for this or whatever)
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)

Find this *grabs crotch*
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Buy levis at Kohls. Buy 30 packs of cherry kool-aid. Put packs of kool-aid in washing machine with pants, turn washing machine on. Red pants.
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Find this *grabs crotch*

Also, you know Steven Adler can't really see what you're saying, right?
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hey come on guys. please help me out!
"Nice boys don't play rock n' roll" - Axl Rose in (Nice Boys cover)