(Tuned half a note down)

A list of items:
- The "finger picking" parts , is it meant to be done with a plectrum or actually with finger picks?
- The bridge: How are you even supposed to do a "1/2 note up" pull on the 2nd fret?
- The first note of the solo:
A full note on the 17th fret on the high E-flat string, I have to place my hand the other way round the neck in order to achieve that, if I do it on the regular position of the hand I either get a up only half a note or it simply mutes when I try to go higher.
Is this because of a lack of practice and experience or is it just impossible (it would save me a lot of sore on the fingers :P)
- About halfway the solo, the strumming gets faster, but I can't get to strum the same string at a fast rate (not tremolo picking) without hitting an additional string, is there a video tutorial for that or something similar?

It's quite a list, and I might expect a lot of "you need more practicing" posts, so if you want to troll, use that one, although you'll help me absolute squat.

Thanks in advance, Alvin.