ok so my bassist needs a new amp and bass but doesnt know what to get.

the amp would be preffered to be 2000 or under and be a head/cab style but ill take suggestions up to 3000. he also wants it to be versatlie for all types of music.

his bass hes deciding between gibson sg, gibson thunderbird, and fender p-bass. again whichever is mor versatile is the best one.
As for basses, I highly recommend fernandes (some of the most playable basses Ive ever touched)

For amps, Id recommend Ashdown, the most wattage you can afford
I recommed SR900 or 700 for basses. Ibanez makes great stuff.

Gibson Thunderbird has a pretty low rating. If you looked about this forum, people hate it.

For amp Carvin 1500 with a 8x10 of your choice.

Or get something smaller. You can get a gigworthy-use for years-loud amp for under $1500 and even under $1000.
he might like to check out Mesa Boogie, Carvin, Ampeg SVT, Fender, Warwick for amps.

of those basses, the Precision, I'm gonna go with him liking a thumpier tone, and I'm not gonna suggest my usual Warwicks and such, he will like Lackland, Ibanez Prestige models, and maybe a Music Man Stingray.
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And yeah...avoid the Gibsons. The P-bass will do very well. A two-pickup model would be best.

As for the amp, I think Humanity has some good ones covered there. Personally,I think the Carvin B1500 looks very appealing. From what I hear it has a very good, versatile tone that's easy to dial in. Add a second cab, and you have a very straightforward, insanely powerful, good sounding full stack. Hard to beat, IMO.

Apart from that, some other good ones are Ashdown, Gallien-Kreuger, Genz-Benz, Mark Bass, Peavey, Eden, and quite a few others I'm too sleepy to remember.
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Maybe go with Genz Benz or Markbass for the head and Eden, Epifani, Mesa, BagEnd, Bergantino, etc for the cab. As for basses, none that you have listed are amazingly versatile (although the P-bass will fit in many types of music and is a great bass) and the general forum opinion (for good reason) is that Gibson makes overpriced garbage when it comes to basses. I would suggest looking into Warwick (Corvette $$ or Jazzman would be the most versatile), Lakland, Ibanez (their higher-end lines), and maybe either a Fender American Precision Deluxe or a Music Man Stingray HS.
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