hey there I am looking for some suggestions actually. I prefer gauges .11-.48 but I dont like buying those damn ernie ball power slinks. they only last like a week and I hate it my BC Rich mockingbird has a FR and having to have my strings changed every week becomes a pain you know? does anyone know of strings in 11-48 that will last a long time?
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Ernie ball coated power slinkies?

Honestly D'addario and GHS come in .011-.049 and .011-.050 respectively. There's not that much difference.
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I don't think any of the coated strings are any good for electric. They kill your harmonics and the coating comes off and hurts your tone. I think the DRs are the best I've tried. The best tip I could tell you is to have clean hands and wipe your guitar neck and strings down after playing, your tone should be good for at least a month. A friend of mine was playing my guitar the other night and when I got up and played it the next day it was disgusting. I almost had to change strings but managed to clean them (they were brand new).
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I use ernies and I have never had a problem with premature breakage, it is most likely either the fact that you have a floyd or that your guitar was built badly