im in high school and in a metal band. my drummer is the only drummer in the town that likes metal so im kindof stuck with him. hes becoming less and less into music. he turns down practices all the time and he really pissed me off recently by turning down a gig in annother town. his reason was that "its stupid" but didnt explain. i cant put up with this and i want to talk to him about it but hes the most stubborn person in the world. anyone have any suggestions on how i can get him to be better?
fire him. find a new drummer. it sounds like hes not interested anymore, deal with it.
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believe me theres a drummer somehwere more serious than him, Tell him your gonna replace him if he doesnt cooperate.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
Burn his house down.
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Get another drummer, someone made me play lead in a metal band once, and I was able to pull it off. I'm more of a blues player though, so I hated it. But just get a drummer who's serius, he'll eventually come through, and if not, just play some of his style to make him more comfortable with the band
New drummer. If he thinks playing a show in another town is stupid, you will NEVER tour.
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fire him. find a new drummer. it sounds like hes not interested anymore, deal with it.

Y'know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like he's found himself in a band that he either a) hasn't got time for or b) has lost interest in and now doesn't know how to go about changing this situation. He may want to leave but doesn't want to face the rest of you with his resignation.
It happens, I've been in the same situation myself.
Ask him if he still wants to continue with the band and tell him that if he's lost interest and doesn't want to do it anymore, there's no shame in letting the rest of you know, at least that way you can find a new drummer and move on and he can get on with whatever he wants to do.

If he says he'd like to leave, then let him go with your blessing and remain friends with him.
If he says he want's to stay, tell him to fu*kin' well buck his ideas up and start co-operating with the rest of the band, or the 'band' will fire him and find another drummer who's more willing to co-operate.
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