So, a few days ago, my friend sold me an old peavey tube amp for $25. It has 2 speakers, 12 inch I think, two tubes in back, a footswitch for reverb and phaser, and switching between or combining a bright or normal input. The name is classic VT Series. It has a great sound on the bright channel... but the normal channel sounds too muddy. I haven't had a chance to test it at higher volumes, but its great at quiet volumes. So, can anyone tell me any more about this amp, and what you think of the deal I got?
Transtube doesnt have tubes, just a digital technology to simulate the sound of tubes
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One of the old classic series amps? With the silver bars on the sides?
Edit Wow, you were posting the pics when I posted... Those are nice amps, my buddy still has his the only problem is the pots are crackly when being turned. Great amp. Congrats, GREAT deal. Ha, tubes will cost more than the amp did!
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Speaking of which, the guy said that I might need to replace the tubes as they're getting old... does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get. I'm looking for a Clapton/Vaughan tone, yknow, blues with a grit and some drive to it. This is the 1st tube amp I've ever owned, so any help would be hot.
You may want to ask in the tube thread, it's stickied at the top of the list of threads. Congrats again man!
I played a used Classic VT and as far as i remember it has a solid state preamp and a tube power amp... Still a nice amp.
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