I just got a new gibson faded flying v and i am going to get it set up with at least 10s because i have 10s on my strat but i was told 10s would feel like nines compared to my strat because of the lenght. should i go 10s or 12s. what do you guys use. thanks
it will have slightly less string tension but it shouldn't make a whole lot of difference. look at the bright side though, if it's like when I switched from my old Ibanez to my Schecter I was able to bend one to two semitones higher almost immediately.
why not 11s?

try it with 10s first, though, you might be fine. the 24.75" scale is quite a bit slacker, but not just as much as a whole gauge change, imo.
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11s are a good middle ground.... give 11's a try
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