ive been playing 6 exercises for 14 days now for around an hour and a half a day and was making good progress but today i picked up my guitar and played the same exercises but was playing them worse and making more mistakes than two days before. is it possible that i just need to give it a rest for one day and then come back to it.


Sometimes I don't get to play for a few days and when I pick up my guitar I'm way better without even practicing

Possibly. It happens some days that you're just more in it and are playing better than others. I wouldn't worry if I were you. Give it a day maybe, and then jump back on it. No cause for concern, really.
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It could just be an off day or it could be that you're just noticing the mistakes in your playing that were always there more.

Give it a day or so and then come back to it, if you're still messing it up...just practice.
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i would do at least do one exercise at a time IMO. practice it till you can play it with your eyes closed. then move on to the next one.
Don't even think about making progress in the sense of analyzing everything you play. I was analyzing every single note a fortnight ago, and criticising everything i was doing. I picked it up this week and feel a hell of a lot better about it. We just need to play throuh the **** sometimes.
We all have both good and bad days with our playing. There are some times that I pick up my guitar, and make a few mistakes on a song that I haven’t made before. This causes me to get frustrated, and then I end up making more mistakes, causing me to get even more frustrated, etc.

I would recommend that if you are having a bad day playing your instrument, put it down, take some time off to do something else that you enjoy, and then go back to playing. If you keep on making mistakes, try doing your exercises at a slower speed.

Hope this was of some help!
+1 to everyone who mentioned off days, and breaks.

That light, relaxed playing we search for in all our hours of practice is like smoke. You start getting it, then it slips out of your hands, get it again, slips out of your hands again. It takes a long frickin time to get it, and even then it's relative.

Also, 14 days without a day off is a long time. You're probably getting a bit burned out mentally. Take a day off and enjoy something else. Guitar is like your spouse/significant other. If you have to go out of a town for a day or something, you miss them, but it is that much nicer when you see them again.