getting new gear to try and help me play faster
trying out jazz 3's should i get the reds?
and for strings im getting ernie ball regs.
im trying to play metallica style stuff
is this all ok?
I play the blacks. Its personal preference really but they're all great. its just a difference in materials.
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picks and strings wont make you sound like a band
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I tried the jazzIII's and I had to give them up, too slippery for me. I switched to the purple tortex, but I seem to be eating them up pretty quick. I tried the ultex, but I don't like the size of it.

But I agree, picks won't make you better or faster, at least they didn't make me better or faster. Some picks just feel more comfortable to me than others, I just need to find a small one that won't slip.
To the above, and to the topic starter, look into V-Picks. They're amazing.

If you think picks don't affect your tone or how you play...
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