If i get a 535Q will it suck my tone? I thought it could like bypass the signal so its like I wasn't using it, but i heard it doesnt?
No it will not suck your tone. Joe Satriani uses one with thousands of dollars in guitar, amps and other pedals; and doesn't worry about it sucking his tone. With your setup, you definitely don't need to worry.
Yes but Joe Satriani has a Peavey JSX and loads of other effects and I have a cube 15 and 2 pedals. He shouldnt need to worry about is sucking his tone cause even i it does you wouldnt notice that much. If It does suck tone, on my amp it will definitely make a big difference.
/\ true very true but i dont think it will, if it does im sure, in fact i think i saw one, they make something that will fix it if it does suck the tone.
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I think you should be okay based on my experience (although it is fairly limited experience) with mine. Im becoming a tone ***** and I dont notice it doing anything
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