I was looking at some things online like this guitar.
and then I started looking at some pickups, and came across some dimarzio ones.
and it has 2 options to choose from. f-spaced or regular, color aside.
Can someone elaborate for me?
Sorry, I havent modified guitars ever.
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I believe the F-spaced pickups are for guitars with a floyd. I'm not sure if that includes vintage style trems like on a strat.
The poles are slightly further apart. For FR spacing or single coils slant strat style.
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F-spaced is DiMarzio's terminology for humbuckers that have slightly wider pole spacings to accommodate Floyd Rose and Fender Strat type bridges. Seymour Duncan calls them trembuckers as opposed to humbuckers.
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so the guiitar linked above has a pro edge tremelo...should i then get the f-space ones?
Beware : I am honest, but not brutal