I can't believe my eyes or ears for that matter. My guitar teacher told me to have a look for this after my lesson today an dI honestly thought it was going to be awful.


The first part is amazing but when he gets to 320bpm is just ridiculous...I have never seen anything like this . Although this is probably the ONLY song he knows and he probably plays it 24/7, not to mention that his arm is probably going to be dead after a few more years due to constant RPI it is still amazing.
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Sadly we have not shotguns and go around saying "Get Out of Mah Propertay!!"
yeah this video is pretty lame.
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All I could hear was this weird "rrrrrr" noise. But still, pretty good, I guess. I'm not an expert.
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I don't like Flight of the Bumblebee. It's all chromatic and stuff

This, except chromatics can sound really cool if they aren't overused.