I have been playing guitar for almost two years now. I play metal guitar. But i have recently been listening heavily to classical guitar.... andres segovia, edgar cruz, lawson rollins. etc.

I was wondering what the best book/DVD would be to purchase for me. I know some things, but nothing near enough.

Also does anyone have any guitar sugestions? I have about $350 that i can spend. And beginners song sugesstions are welcome.

Thank you very much =)

PS: I can play a couple very basic songs.
There was only one Andres Segovia
well classical guitar is something i've been interested in as well and i'm far from any kind of expert but i've looked around and gathered some info before. It's a much more complicated thing compared to regular guitar playing and i would recommend you get a teacher to really learn classical playing.

there are a number of books out there, and if you haven't already, go down to your local library and ask if they have any books on musical theory/guitar. i've read a lot from books i've found there. One book I checked out was called The Natural Classical Guitar: The Principles of Effortless Playing by Lee Ryan which was very informative. That had a lot of mind and focus kind of stuff in it.

some songs that come to mind are like recuerdos de la alhambra, Leyenda Asturias, mediterranean sundance, fur elise, etc.. Also look up songs by fernando sor.

here's a good website www.classtabs.org

good luck
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