Is this possible? I know that the Edge III can be directly swapped for an Edge Pro, or at least that's what I've read.

I've had my RG370 for about 4 or 5 years now. It has Dimarzio's in it and all new, quality electronics. I've been trying to sell it locally for a while, around the $300 - $350 mark including the hard case, because I want to upgrade to an Ibanez guitar with a better bridge. But, this RG370 is a fine guitar in every way except for the bridge. Nice piece of wood, good neck, great electronics and sound.

$150-$200 for an Edge Pro and it'd be perfect for me. So.. possible, without intonation issues or any routing?

I'm not too sure about an Edge Pro fitting it, but an Original Floyd Rose fits the measurements perfect in those guitars. I haven't ever heard of anybody putting in an Edge Pro in replacement of an Edge III, but it could be a possibility.
id say put in an OFR. its the same price as an Edge Pro, WAAAYYY easier to find/buy, and is just as good if not better!
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EPII is NOT a swap for the OFR. It IS a swap for the Edge Pro. I know this for a fact, one of our own members has a whole website on this. www.lawl.net/gtr/trems
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