Picked up a MD3 today. I don't have a digital delay, only a DMM. It was used and very cheap. Figured why not? If I don't like it, I'll try and trade it for something else.

3 different settings. The Short setting(20 - 160 m/sec), you can get a reverb. I think it sounds kind of cold though. The slap-back is pretty sweet.
The Medium setting(80 - 650 m/sec)
The Long setting(330 - 2600 m/sec) I didn't realize how long the max delay time was.

You can make this thing oscillate with the feedback knob. With the a longer delay setting, you can make those "ray gun" sounds with tweeking the delay time knob.
A coworker's boyfriend, who is into shoegaze and ambient stuff, messed around with the pedal, for about an hour today. He said that he loved it.

I dunno what I'm gonna do with it. I've gonna put it up for trade and see what offers I get for it. If nothing, I'll keep it. Might be cool to keep around.

thats pretty nifty. their pedal design is kinda odd, but cool
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Its alright. I'm not one to care about pedal size, but this thing is small. So people who need room on their board, this will help. Changing the battery is odd. You have to take that rubber "ring" off and the back comes off. I think they could have done something better, but oh well.