alright this has never happened to me before. everytime i learn a song from guitarpro, i memorize everything and can play it anytime, but for some damn reason when i try memorizing "cream" by crossroads, it just doesnt stick. i play easily play it when the notes are in front of me, but when it comes to memorizing this song, my brain just says no. What are some other ways of getting down the song? i remember the song its just the solos that this is happening to me
Break it in to little bits and try memorizing the little bits before putting them together. Don't worry, it'll come along.
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this happens to me a lot

only when I'm trying to learn bass parts though its odd
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cream by crossroads ? I think you'd better check that one.
and what that guy said ^
What that guy first said about breaking it down is what i'd do.
But strangely its nearly the opposite with me. I'll have to sit and work out how to play the tab, and then i'll be able to remember it. I can't just read the tab straight out for some reason hahaha
Memorize the song before worrying about trying to play it.
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