hey everyone, i finally got all my recording eqiupment setup after months without it and i decided to record one of my songs

There were a few mistakes with the drum programing especially between 220 and 230 but overall besides a little sloppy playing everything should be fine. theres also a clean ending section of the song thats written in guitar pro but i couldnt really play it to well so i decided to leave it out and record it later

the songs in my profile its called kingston man C4C
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Wow, I really like the chord choices right away. Good start. The drums don't sound half bad which is unusual for this site. The second riff coming in at about 35 seconds isn't of the same quality as the first one, but once you switch to the chorded section with the melody it's quite nice. I like the lead parts so far. GASP - bass guitar! I really like the basslines during the part around 1:15 and the heavy riff at 1:27 is nice. The guitar solo after said heavy riff is WAYYYY too quiet, though. It sounds solid, but it really needs to be louder. This song would benefit from vocals. The bridge at 3:18 is really nice. Great melody lines and it's sick when it's with the bass guitar. Man, I really like the chords you choose throughout this song, great stuff.

Really good job dude.

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