The other day I bought a Suzuki Les Paul copy from my buddy for $50. My Epiphone Sheraton has been my main guitar for months, but whenever I play a show with it I'm always scared of hurting it. So I needed a cheap guitar to throw around and beat up on. Well, this guitar (even though it's a bolt on) has been a pleasant surprise. The Body is a decent weight, the neck is relatively fast, and the stock pickups are nice. I looked it up and some eBay store sells it for $400. It's probably been the best guitar buy for me.

The only picture I could find is this one. I have the cherry sunburst.

Share any great buys you've had.
you dont use ur main guitar for shows? thats a waste
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I use hollowbodys because I love the way they sound, but man, running around scares me. It's such a beautiful guitar, but it's too big to really play live and move the way I want to.