I have a an Ibanex rg350dx. It has excellent playability but its tone is a little lacking. Im thinking about getting new pick ups. I play almost exclusively death metal so im looking for something active. The bands I listen to are: Psycroptic, Necrophagist, Nile, Behemoth and the like. Any Ideas?

I hope this is the right forum, if not then if a mod could move that would rule.
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Do you want active or passive? EMGs are my personal favorite (I play the same type of music). But if you want to go passive, the DiMarzio D-Activators are pretty nice. What pickups do you have now?
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I was going for one of them but got a jackson dk1 hardtail. Sounds soo good. Trade it in
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Actives, then EMGs or Blackouts are your go to pickups. Perhaps Livewires, but I've never tried them, though they are Mustaine's signature pickups, and I have heard some decent things about them.

Passive, you still have plenty of choices. Dimarzio X2N are very high-output, and Dimarzio D Sonics are also good for metal as well as a wide array of other styles. Seymour Duncan JB's and '59's are good as well. I know one of the guitarists for Lamb of God, Mark Morton I think, has 59's in both the neck and bridge, and the sound is pretty aggressive. I think the guitarist for Nile uses Invaders as well.
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