Might be a stupid question but would this pedal work on bass? I am looking for a new chorus pedal and love the sound of this....I know Peter Hook used the EHX clone theory and think this is a remake of it...
Bass....How low can you go?????
i don't see why not...
usually EHx have a separate line of pedals for bass...
but in theory, guitar pedals should work on bass...
don't know how it'll sound though, as a dedicated bass pedal would concentrate on "effecting" the low frequencies...
Yes it would work... Try out a few choruses though

you may not dig the sound of a Guitar Chorus on bass

Generally a guitar chorus, it effects the higher notes much more and kind of get a bit lost on the lower notes.

its different for each brand.

Recommended Try Outs:
Digitech Multi Chorus
Boss Bass Chorus
EBS UniChorus
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
Yes, it will work but it will put chorusing on the whole frequency spectrum. It's not a bad thing, but sometimes it is undesirable. I have an MXR Stereo Chorus and it is great because it has a bass filter button which allows the chorusing to be only applied to the upper frequencies and keep the lower ones unaffected. Check that one out.