having lost the Gearbox/Line 6 Driver disk for my UX1, I've resorted to downloading all the necessary files.

Now I have managed to install Audacity, the UX1 driver, and Guitar Rig 3 (instead of Gearbox).

The problem now is... that when I play through Guitar Rig, the effects and distortion etc are played back through the UX1. However when recording through audacity, the guitar is recorded clean (dry) with no effects.

Is there a way to connect Audacity with Guitar Rig 3? There wasnt this problem with Gearbox!

Any help would be great thanks
To record your effects used in Guitar Rig, you need to use GR as a plugin within a recording program, or sequencer. Guitar Rig can function as a vst plugin for this purpose. Unfortunately, Audacity doesn't have vst support, so you'll need a new program to use Guitar Rig in this way.

Reaper is a good choice, which can be found at www.reaper.fm. There is a 30 day free trial, with only a $40 (i think) licence after that. It doesn't force you to buy a licence, but... you should, it's hardly expensive. You can then open Guitar Rig within Reaper and record using all the effects. The best thing is about using Guitar Rig in this way, is that you can record the dry tone and then tweak the effects afterwards as much as you want.

I suggest downloading Reaper, trying this approach using the manual as a guide, and then asking any questions here if you run into difficulties.
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As a matter of fact, the newest (Beta) version of Audacity supports VST plugins, and there is a download for the last version that enables VST plugins.
Get Reaper. You'll have a lot better time using that that Audacity.
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if you register to Line 6 online you can down load gear box and your ux1 driver online for free (: