Hello everybody i am new to this site but anyway i am building my cabinet and was thinking about which top i should get. i wanted to get the Marshall hdfx100 but what i hear from ppl is that its worthless "atleast what i have heard" so can anyone recommend a top in that price range. I want to get some metal. melodic metal sound out of it and i am using a
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no restrictions on the ohm just want to hear peoples opinion on the marshall hdfx100. and any suggestion on another top
MG + your home made cab or any cab= S**t tone

for $400 you could get a B-52 AT 100, i think its still on sale on musician's friend you should check em out or find a used 5150 in ebay or craigslist.
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well i live in sweden so i cant get a hold of that amp you mentioned and the prices are higher here but i was thinking about this peavy

Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

any opinions?
They're okay for metal, but not the best. Here's a clip of someone on YouTube using the 112 Valveking for metal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CI117wHoKQ
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