Hey everyone.
I followed a mod recently made by Mathology (I think?).
It was a clever little volume dial that can be put between the effects loop so you can crank the amp and still keep the noise down.

I took peoples advice and made the pedal. added a capacitor to it so that I keep the highs as it fades.

Now I want to expand on that.

the first mod is fairly simple. I want to add a switch to turn the capacitor off. hopefully this will function as a high gain to low gain switch at low volumes.
I assume I don't need any bypassing for that?

secondly I'd like a foot switch. this is where I am getting confused. regarding by pass and such.

so anyone want to draw up the diagram for how that would work?

will post pics of what I've got so far when the case comes back from having holes drilled into it.
I can keep this passive right?
how much effort work it take to add an led to show that it is on?
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!