Hey guys, I'm in need of some help. I need a simple guitar with a strat-like body and no tremelo, preferably something with a single bridge humbucker. I plan to remove the pickup and replace it with an EMG-81 and use it for Drop C tuning. It will be used for everything from the area of SOAD to Chimaira. If anyone has a suggestion of such a guitar in a reasonable price range, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have suggestions of another option than this method, these would also be helpful. Thanks people.
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i'm not sure what responds well to such low drop; esp ltd's fret buzz at deluxe level, so you might wanna look somewhere else
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Jackson DInky?

it has 2 humbuckers but it's no sweat to change the bridge pickup

Yeah, a DKMGT would pretty much give all your looking for, except with two EMGs, 81 and 85 ala Zakk Wylde
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well in the case of redoing the squire
does anyone know where i can get a new pickguard with just the bridge humbucker that will fit the squire?
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Godin Redline 1. Strat shape, no trem, one pickup - EMG 81 in the bridge, $560 USD I believe.

EDIT: Wrong. Only $500 USD
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whn i had mine done, i took it to a custom music shop called straight music, and the guy had pick plates with the emg already installed in it. so i just threw that sucker on there. go to local shops, i dont know if they have it already set up though, or you could just buy pick plates off www.warmoth.com, i think thats the adress. may of misspelled it.