Do gibson truss rod covers fit epiphone guitars, i own an epi. lp stuido
what would be the point? and not without modification at least, epiphones use 3 screws, gibson uses 2

its not as if it will look like a gibson or sound like a gibson just by changing that
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No it won't fit.

And lol at you trying to make a fake gibson.


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Look, if your going to spend money improving it, improve things that matter

Tuners - You could get some grover or schaller tuners
Pickups - SDs, gibson, dimarzio, EMG, whatever floats your boat

The rest is tweaking, ensuring nut is good, relief is good, fretwork is good

At the end of the day though, no matter what you do within reason, in my opinion it wont be as good as a gibson, thats my opinion, but theres no reason an epiphone cant be close, and as long as your happy with it then it doesnt have to say gibson on the headstock.
Gibson 58 RI VOS Custombuckers
Mesa Lonestar Special 2x12
i just wanted one that said custom not gibson, cuz my lp studio pretty much looks customized with different pickups, pickguard, knobs, jack plate, i was jw, not a big deal
im also getting new tuners but just with the gibson pickups it sounds the same as a 2k lp with the same pickups
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ask ur epi-gibson questions in one thread next time instead of starting many different ones
i didnt think of the other one till after i posted the second one and its only 2 simple ?'s that i got my answers too
My Epi came with Gibson on the truss rod cover from the shop.
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