Hi, i took out the EMG HZ Pickup out of my Schecter Damien 6 from the neck and put a Seymour Duncan Invader in. After installing it i noticed only half the pickup works meaning only one of the two single coils that makes up the humbucker picks up sound.
My instructor looked at it and said the new pickup is meant for a guitar with two volume pots and two tone pots. My Schecter only has one of each. How can I wire it so that the pickup works fully with only one tone and volume pot? Below is the wiring diagram for the guitar and for installing the Seymour Duncan pickup.


Thanks in advance.
James "The Rev" Sullivan
May He Rest In Peace
How do you know that only one coil is working?

How did you wire the pickup? I take it that the Invader is a 4 conductor? what do it you wire to what?
Sounds like your teacher doesn't know what he's talking about.

Any pickup can be wired to any setup of pots, assuming that you don't have an excessive amount of either. Use this diagram, and ignore the pickup that you haven't changed:

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