Well I just got mine today and I have to say I'm impressed. I thought it was gonna be a cheesy modelling amp that sounded like crap, that was not the case with this. I do have one gripe with it though, the expression pedal isnt that great.. at all. When you use the wah or anything besides the volume swell, it chops up the sound and it crackles. sounds horrible.

I really like the drum tracks for it, really good beats in there to jam to and just have fun with.
I believe that with enough tinkering and fiddling, you can get any kind of sound you want from this amp, and it has plenty of power for the average guitarist.

IMO, this is an awesome amp, and you have to try it before you give it a label like I've seen with so many other amps.

any others with experience with this amp?
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I cant compare it to those, I can compare it to a Roland Cube though and I like mine better than my friends Cube 30X.
yup 65 watts

pedal not included, its like $50 if I'm correct. If you get it for anything get it so you can switch between the presets.

the amp is $350 without the pedal

Well totally different styles between the SCXD. My superchamp was pretty versatile but it could only go so far you know? I couldnt get a real metal sound out of it without having to add an extra pedal to the rig. But on the other side, I cant get as good cleans as I could with the superchamp. so if you're into heavier stuff, definitely the MIMX. But blues/jazz and even classic rock, the SCXD takes the cake.
"My jedi powers are far more superior than yours"