I'm talking about any known living thing, not just us. What do you guys think? We have a good clue has to how the earth is made along with the other planets, what about us! and other living things with us?

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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
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The Origins thread may be a good start.

where is that! Me wantie !
while earth was slowing being formed it was cont. being impailed by meteors- meteors are 90% frozen water- that is y the usually burn up when entering the atmosphere-

when this water melted it helped form the oceans on planet earth

in this water were microscopic lifeforms that over a course of a billion years evolved

so ya evolution
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father sun shoved one of his rays in one of mother earth's volcanos, and... you guess what happened next
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Abiogenesis/evolution/origins thread, go there
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