Well the amp has some issue which he thinks is tubes. Could be tubes but who knows. Plus I believe the 212 version is 100 watts.
If it's just needing tubes, it's not a bad deal. It's a big, heavy, loud amp.
i absolutely love my peavey vypyr. its very versatile and has many different options to choose from and you can practically get any sound you want from it with just the right setting.

however, i have heard that alot of people are experiencing problems with the amp but you should definatley try it out and if it is having problems, then you can easily get a replacement. plus peavey released an update that should fix the problems.

just some random cons from the top of my head

-control panel is on face instead of on top (not easy access)
-settings reset everytime you turn on the amp (you can have custom settings though so its not that big of a deal)
-the knobs feel very cheap and not too sturdy (but haven't posed a problem so far)
-complaints of speaker not being too good (i think its fine but then again, i haven't heard one with a better speaker put in)

but let me emphasize that i LOVE my amp and that it is the best bang for the buck anywehre. i mean it even has a looper though you have to get a footswitch.

ask me anything you want to know about it and il tell you...
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