Hey UG community. I have a quick question. I've been looking all over the internet for an answer, but no dice.

Okay, so to start off, I have an Epiphone SG Prophecy EX with the EMG 81 in the bridge and the 85 in the neck. The guitar only has two knobs. One for volume and another for tone. I recently realized, "Hey, it sure would be hella-nice to be able to get a cleaner tone from my EMGs. And so I set sail and found these: EMG 89 Split-Coil Active Pickups

They look great and I want to install them so I can not only get good leads and a hot scream from my 81s, but I can get a nice crunch that's similar to my 85s, but also be able to get a decent clean tone. Unlike my 85s. So far, this is my plan. But a few problems may be existent.

Problem List:
1. My guitar is maple. When I split the pickup, would it get muddy?

2. My guitar only has two knobs, can I still set up a push-pull for this? And if I do, how would I do it?(Diagrams appreciated) And how would it work? Would it split both of my pickups or what? Or is it even possible?

If anybody can give me some help here, it's greatly appreciated.
Thanks UG!

EDIT: Also, what are your opinions on these pickups? EMG-60 Humbucking Active Pickups
EMG-81TW Active Coil Tap Humbucker

I was thinking of all the different setups I could use, and here they are:
Neck: 89 Bridge: 81
Neck: 89 Bridge: 81TW
Neck: 60 Bridge: 81
Neck: 60 Bridge: 81TW
Neck: 85 Bridge: 81TW
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Alrighty, so will I need to do two push-pulls if I only get one that has coil-splitting capabilities?
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I'd just do the 18v mod on it. I think the 85 does cleans pretty well with the 18v mod. There's a thread on here about it that explains several ways to do it.

Where's this thread that you're talking about?
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You wanna split both pups? You'll need 2 SPST push-pulls. Idk if they make anything other than DPDT though. Anyway, you need 2.
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I'd try the 18v mod first, It's alot cheaper than buying new pickups and pots. If the cleans still don't suit you then you can try the other stuff and the 18v mod will work with the new pups and push pull pots too.

Thanks bro, I owe you 1.
More like $120.

EDIT: $128
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