i have a vox ac15. usually i use it clean with a valve distortion pedal to act as a dirty channel however i am experimenting with its own distortion. ive found that on everything but the bridge pickup it sounds flabby and loose. bridge singlecoil works the best. i like to play blues in the middle and neck positions but they sound too flabby. how should i tighten up the sound?

i do NOT mean using an overdrive. i do not understand how that works cause using an overdrive does the opposite of the desired result. maybe theres something im missing though.
You can try adjusting the EQ on the amp until it gets closer to the sound you want. Try cutting some of the mids first and then go from there.
unfortunately the amp doesnt have a mids knob. could the amp be modded to have a tighter response? could the speaker be causing it?
I'm thinking it could be the speaker not giving enough bass.

I'd suggest buying a speaker with a good bass response.
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AC30 generally run much better with a treble booster floor pedal, Brian may and rory gallagher used these, maybe try one with the 15.
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